The Whiteside Museum

of Natural History

Whiteside Emblem 125

Mission Statement

The Whiteside Museum of Natural History is committed to inspiring enthusiasm and creating opportunities for discovering our present and ancient world and the immense cultural significance represented by the town of Seymour, Texas.  The information provided to the community will be as accurate and up-to-date as possible and disseminated through the use of educational programming, fun interactive exhibits, growing and changing collections, and scientific research.  With the goal to empower people to go forth and use their experience in future meaningful ways, the museum will in return be recognized as an innovative and healthy place of learning and research.  The museum will strive to lead by example in demonstrating responsibility to the planet and its people through an ongoing commitment to green energy and conservancy, and will maintain ethical standards within the industry.  These values will extend throughout the museum’s presence within the community and beyond.