The Whiteside Museum

Of Natural History

Seymour, Texas

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The Whiteside Musuem

of Natural History

Seymour, Tx


Live Animal Zoo-seum

Prep Lab

Texas Wildlife

At the Whiteside, the exhibits really are alive! In our Live Animal Zoo-seum visitors will enter the realm of reptiles and amphibians, some exotic, but mostly an up-close look at what you may find in your own Texas backyard. Many modern animal traits were first developed during the Permian Era and scientists often study the behaviors and anatomy of modern animals in order to venture better hypotheses of what life was like millions of years ago. At the Whiteside, you can join the scientific community by spotting the similarities between the live animals and our Permian specimens.

African/ Ice Age Hall

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Dinosaur Hall

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Explore Our Exhibit Halls

In our working prep lab, visitors can see real scientists working tediously to prepare fossils for research and display. A single skeleton can take thousands of man hours of careful work with delicate brushes and air abrasive tools. Normally, this long process is done behind closed doors, but at the Whiteside Museum visitors get a front-row seat to watch the experts bring skeletons back from the grave.