The Whiteside Museum

Of Natural History

Seymour, Texas

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The Whiteside Musuem

of Natural History

Seymour, Tx


Need a Hotel?

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Senior (AARP)        $5.00

Adult                       $7.00

Military                    FREE

College Student    FREE

Child 3-12 years    $5.00

Under 3 years        FREE                                    

Directions to The Whiteside Museum Of Natural History


(940) 889-6548

Sunday             12 pm-4 pm

Monday            CLOSED

Tuesday           10 am-4 pm

Wednesday     10 am-4 pm

Thursday          10 am-4 pm

Friday                10 am-4 pm

Saturday           10 am-4 pm

Want to rent a room?


-Birthday Parties



Rent a room: $50.00 an hr.

Want a tour? Call a week in advance and we will get you on the schedule!


Tours: 10+ is $3.00 a person

Upcoming Events

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Museum Hours


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March 1st: The Big Cats Exhibit


June 6th: The Science of Skulls Exhibit

Hey everyone! The museum is gonna be free admission until March 1st because only the paleontology hall will be open (the front of the museum) due to construction. Thank you.