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If you couldn't tell I'm just cuckoo for Dimetrodons and Edaphosaurs and Eryops'es and Diadectes'es and Lysorophus'es and Seymourias and Captorhinus'es and Secodontosaurus'es and Varanosaurus'es...


Our newest dig site has a really great Dimetrodon, and that has us very excited because of the odd preservation and deposition. We are typically used to floodplain sediments, but this guy, nicknamed George, was preserved in conglomerates, which is essentially cemented gravel. Highly unusual for our area. Plus, the conglomerates seem to be Pennsylvanian limestone as well which dates back thirty or more million years, so double-weirdness.

Paleo Club Meeting

George the Dimetrodon!!!

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A paleontologist is someone who studies the ancient past, evidence of the world and its occupants as it existed long, long ago. Most people

think that paleontologists are beard-sporting, pith helmet-wearing, shovel-wielding, rough-around-the-edges-but-in-a-clever-kind-of-way, khaki-covered scientists, but the truth is, they don’t usually wear the pith helmets. The problem with this albeit very accurate description is that it closes the door to paleontology for so many people – the regular Joes, the teens and tweens, the stay-at-home moms, and the business execs, among many others. Well, here at the Whiteside, we are of the opinion that anyone can be a paleontologist; all you need is an interest and a bit of drive. But we know as well as anyone that saying is easier than doing, so we are here to help with the doing part. If you bring your interest and a bit of drive to the WMNH Paleontology Club meeting on Wednesday, August 20th at 6:00pm then we will bring our excitement and fossil knowledge to make for some great discussion about everything and anything paleo. If you arrive much past 6:00pm, the doors will be locked, but just give us a ring at (940) 889-6548 and we will come let you in. We welcome everyone to bring their own fossils for a little bit of show and tell with the group. For more information see the event on our calendar page or contact us at the number listed above or Looking forward to some geeky fun!

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